Watson And Company Cabinets

Custom Cabinets



We build our cabinets out of the best plywood and hardwoods available. Absolutely no particle board or MDF in our cabinets. We build all our doors on site and use only Blum hardware in our cabinets We also install your cabinets making our cabinet shop a one stop shop.


We use all pre-catalyzed premium paints so we can get a harder, more scratch resistant finish on all of our cabinets.


We take the design phase of cabinets very seriously. Due to the mass influx of pictures and opinions on the matter of cabinets it can be a little overwhelming. We use state of the art design software used by cabinet builders worldwide that enables us to get you exactly what you want in your cabinets. We often bring clients out to our shop and go through all the cabinets until we have exactly what they want. We provide a pdf file of all shop drawings with measurements of your cabinets and can produce 3D renderings in desired. Bottom line, we want you to feel comfortable and assured you are getting the right product for your house.


Watson Cabinets was started 11 years ago, however our senior partner has been building houses and cabinets since 1977. Born from a desire to give our clients a superior product in quality and customer service, and an effort to simplify as well as provide a great service to our contractors. We strive to provide the kind of service and quality that can only be found in a small cabinet shop.

We are small, just my brother and I. We are simple with no CNC machines. All the machines we have are still run by hand. Each job we do is unique so we do not build modules, but complete cabinets tailored to fit your house.

We desire to give a great product for a fair price. We work with the design of the cabinets until they are just right before ever cutting one piece of lumber. Many times, we spend as much time on designing the cabinets as we do building them to ensure you have exactly what you want.

Don’t get lost in the big cabinet companies, come to us and be a valued client instead of a number, a face and a friend instead of just another job.


  • 9208 FM1101, Seguin, Texas, United States